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Investment Tips: Learning How to Invest

Investment Tips: Learning How to Invest

What is investing all about? How do you start?


If you have decided to enter the world of investing, learning how to invest must now dominate your time and focus. Two steps will help you on your way.


Defining investing


In essence, investing involves spending your time, effort and resources to attain a higher objective. For instance, you spend weekends with a social group to do charitable work, use your talent in the arts to create works of beauty and value or apply your profession in your job or your business to earn a living. In the same way that you do these things hoping to gain valuable rewards, you likewise invest your money in a bond, mutual fund or stock, just be careful of investment scams online, but with the goal of achieving material benefits in the future.


Eradicate your debts now


Now that you are eager to go ahead and start investing once you learn how to, you certainly would want to know the next step. But rein in your enthusiasm for a while. Hold your horses while you check if you are really ready to take the ride of your life in investing. Now that you see the possibilities opened to you through the magic of compounded returns, you have to protect yourself from the same trap which you could be unwittingly locked in. Do away with high-interest debts that you may have at the present.


Reward yourself first of all


To succeed as an investor, you must make investing an integral part of every day. That may sound difficult or tedious; but not really. You must realize that the act of buying something, say a cappuccino, will influence your daily finances as much as acquiring a home-equity loan to cover your credit-card payments.


Active and passive methods of investing


There are two primary methods of stock investing: active and passive management; and they differ on how stocks are chosen, not on how you choose your verbs. Active investing involves selecting stocks yourself or you can ask your brokers or fund managers to pick the stocks, bonds, and other forms of investments. Passive investing requires you to let your holdings follow an index which a third party makes.

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Japan Company Trust Organization: Online Fraud

Whilst the vast majority of websites in Japan are of genuine business companies, but it is also a sad fact that online scams and fraud are alive, well and are very big business in Japan and rest of the world. It is very important to be smart and stay safe by exercising all due precaution and do not become a fraud victim.


One of the most troubling concerns of today's economy is the possibility of internet fraud. If you plan to buy a car, machinery, instrument, electronic, or anything from an exporter in Japan, it is strongly recommended for your own safety to verify any Japanese website or company's status under the "Japan Company Trust Organization". The most important thing before sending the money is to verify reality of a company, as online frauds and scams are increasing rapidly.


Since Japanese companies are respected for honesty, fraudsters take advantage of good reputation of Japanese enterprises. Many criminals in Japan has launched fake websites by showing them as legitimate business to gain victim’s trust and pretending to be real business. When somebody sends them money, they simply disappear. The internet fraud is damaging business of real Japanese companies. Since Japanese law is very strict against the fraud, this Organization reports all fraud attempts to the Japanese police department.


Online frauds take different forms to direct consumers to a fraudulent website that looks legitimate. Such websites claim their credibility and honesty and then commit a fraud. Those websites are designed by the professionals and even a very careful person can be a victim. Always remember if you are a professional business person, impostors are fraud specialists. They have such high tech that sometimes you will never realize them. A fraud website can appear legitimate, but you can verify on JCTO database, which will help you avoid being deceived.


For your own protection, the Japan Company Trust Organization warns you to reconfirm a website or company's reality at our database before any purchase. Just by typing company’s name in JCTO’s search box and you will find reality of that company. The Japan Company Trust Organization is an anti-fraud organization in Japan, fighting against the online-fraud.


This Organization has a close connection with Japanese police, and all fraud-attempts are immediately reported to Japanese Police Department.  Before registration, JCTO verify the company’s profile including registration, license, and physical address. Japan Company Trust Organization warns you NOT to remit money to any so-called Japanese company without verification and your full satisfaction.

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Hawkfield Gallery Fine Arts Consultants: America’s Traditional Artworks

With the rise of technology, an entirely new art forms are evolving. Music is a form of art that is prone to piracy due to the nature of modern digital technology. However, traditional artworks such as paintings and sculptures are one thing that cannot be easily forged by some. To ensure that you get the original work of an artist, you will need a trusted art collector or a fine arts specialist to help and guide you. Hawkfield Gallery might be able to assist you.


Hawkfield Gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century American fine art and folk art. Their interest spans from American impressionism, decorative songbirds, shore-bird decoys and wildlife bronze sculptures.


The owner of Hawkfield Consultants Gallery is Sally Caverly who has an impressive passion in collecting arts for more than 25 years. She got her start on Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and later on holds a Master’s degree in Education. She also became a Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house. Their gallery is located along Boston’s South Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston.


Hawkfield Gallery’s website is an exclusive space where you can find an actual collection of artworks from various painters and sculptures. Art experts of Hawkfield are always available to guide and advise their clients. Visit their website and take a look at their impressive list of artworks came from various talented artist.

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Federal, state, and local governments constantly seek ways to stimulate economic development and investment. One of the levers they manipulate most frequently is tax credits and other incentives designed to foster innovative research and development, keep businesses in certain jurisdictions, or give them a reason to move to those jurisdictions.

Businesses that leverage these incentives wisely can save significant amounts, taking money that might otherwise have gone to the IRS or a state or local department of revenue and reinvesting it in their business instead. In many cases, even if you discover that you qualify for certain credits and incentives after the fact, you can go back over a period of years and amend tax returns to take advantage of them retroactively.

We can help your business apply and qualify for the credits and incentives to which it’s entitled. We routinely discover opportunities to save our clients money on their federal, state, and local taxes and turn what would have been tax expenditures into positive cash flow to help grow their business.

Our dedicated team works with businesses in a wide range of industries. We can help you not only qualify for an array of incentives but also document your qualifications and defend them in the event they’re challenged by a taxing authority.

We provide solutions in a number of areas, including:

- Cost segregation & fixed asset consulting

- Hiring and zone-based credits & incentives

- R&D tax services

- Transferable tax credits

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Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset: Things to do in Bloomsbury, Greater London

Bloomsbury in London is the southern area of the Borough of Camden right next to Soho, yet it is quite the opposite when it comes to character! While Soho is the prodigal son, Bloomsbury is the classy daughter of London.

The area is famous as the home of the influential "Bohemian Set" in the early 20th century. These elite artists and writers included John Maynard Keynes, Clive Bell, Virginia Woolf. E.M. Forster and Lytton Strachey and many of them lived as neighbors in Gordon Square.

Some of London's oldest buildings can be found in the area around Holborn as the Great Fire of London failed to raze this area in 1666. The cobbled alleyways, law courts and historic halls of London's legal profession can all be seen here, exuding their centuries-old history and antiquated traditions at Gray's Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn. These are the areas where many trial lawyers conveniently have their offices, and despite their names they have nothing to do with either religion or drinking!

Present Day Bloomsbury

Filled with beautiful buildings, Bloomsbury is where you will find the British Museum, the campus of the University of London and the British Library. London's Museum Mile stretches from the Strand along Kingsway to Euston Road and has plenty of historic homes, parks and museums along the way.

The best known square in Bloomsbury is Russell Square, the largest square in London. It has beautiful central gardens which are locked and privately owned by the residents of the surrounding elegant townhouses.

The grand four-story Georgian houses on Bedford Square were built around 1775 as a residential area and named after the main landlords, the Dukes of Bedford. The architecture is now Grade I listed.

Theatre-goers will head to Bloomsbury for matinees and evening performances at the Dominion Theatre, which has an excellent schedule of musicals, also the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Bloomsbury also features in the novel, Peter Pan, as the home of the Darling family.

Things to Do in Bloomsbury

The British Museum is one of the most popular attractions in London. Located in a striking neoclassic building, it is crammed with ancient treasures and artifacts including the Rosetta Stone, a collection of Egyptian mummies and the Elgin Marbles.

The Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury will be of interest to literature fans. It is set in the furnished house where Dickens lived from 1837 to 1839 and where he wrote Oliver Twist, Pickwick Papers and other classic novels.

Fitzroy House on Fitzroy Street was the home where playwright George Bernard Shaw once lived. Later, in the late 1950s, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology worked here and the building is still in a 1950s time warp. It has free admission and tours can be arranged by appointment. The Sir John Soane's Museum also has a colorful collection of exhibits telling his life story.

The Cartoon Museum is the place to go for some light relief and not only has a vast collection of old cartoons, but also many comics on display.

Coram's Fields is a public children's play area with a pet's corner and sports pitches. Adults may only enter if accompanying a child!

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Areas of Expertise at Cambridge Associates Asia Singapore


We know all investors are not the same. That’s why our investment professionals are organized within practice areas. Our investment professionals are experts at understanding the nuances of the client segments that we serve. They devote their time to addressing your specific challenges.

Nonprofit Institutions
Nonprofit institutions represent more than two-thirds of our client base.  These clients’ assets represent more than 70% of total U.S. higher education endowment assets and 40% of U.S. foundation assets.   And we work with each client to help them build a portfolio that is fully customized to meet their investment goals.  Explore our nonprofit practice.

Private Client
Working with more than 200 private clients in 25 countries around the world, our private wealth professionals know how to develop tax-aware strategies, plan for generational needs, and identify beneficial trust structures.  Explore our private client practice.

We recognize that each plan sponsor has unique and different objectives.  For the more than 100 pension funds that we work with, we develop customized solutions to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations. Explore our pension practice.

Mission-Focused Investors
Using our global manager database and extensive due diligence on a wide range of MRI investment opportunities across asset classes, we help investors develop and implement mission-related strategies that work for their portfolios.  Explore our mission-related investing practice.

Enterprise Advisory
Working with nonprofit institutions for more than 40 years, we specialize in understanding the enterprise conditions, risks, and opportunities that are unique to each institution’s circumstances. Explore our enterprise advisory practice.

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Felizia Bacall, Consultant, Bridgespan: Emerging Leaders Bios 2015

Felizia Bacall, Consultant, Bridgespan: Emerging Leaders Bios 2015

The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the OCP Policy Center are organizing the 2015 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program, a unique opportunity for rising leaders, taking place October 28-November 1, 2015, in Marrakesh, Morocco. The program will precede and include The Atlantic Dialogues.

Ilham Ait Bouazza, Head of Partnerships, National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Morocco

Ilham Ait Bouazza is head of the partnerships department at the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications in Rabat, Morocco. Previously, she worked as a program associate at the Multi Country Office of UN Women in Morocco, and as a trade advisor to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Trade. She holds a master’s degree in customer relationship management from the National School of Business and Management of Settat in Morocco and a master’s degree in international development studies from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. She is a board member of the Moroccan Association of Trade Advisers and the recipient of 2013 KOICA Global Leadership Award.

Damarlie Antoine, Director of Research, GrenCHAP

Damarlie Antoine currently serves as the director of research at GrenCHAP, a human rights advocacy group in Grenada. She is also the founder and coordinator of eARTh, which is a recently formed arts-based group seeking to empower and enlighten Grenadian youth through artistic expressions. Her previous professional experience includes tutoring research courses at the University of the West Indies, Barbados, and working as a project officer at the Ministry of Youth in Grenada. Antoine is also a self-identified feminist, poet, and spoken word performer and artisan. She is currently working on the publication of her book, SKIN.

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